Guided tours in Turin and its province: be surprised and live emotions with a professional tour guide

Unexpected Turin!

Lively and elegant, ancient and modern in an original mix, dynamic but attached to its traditions, Turin will surprise you!

Beginning with its enchanting geographic location, to which Turin owes much of its charm: a city rich in parks and gardens, gently resting on hillside and embraced by the winding and peaceful flow of the river Po, at the foot of the mountain range of the Western Alps, whose superb snow-capped peaks form the backdrop of this spectacular natural scenery.

Since its foundation in the ancient Roman age until the recent organization of the Winter Olympic Games, 2000 years of engrossing history have shaped the look and soul of Turin.

The first Capital of Italy invites you to discover its ancient and modern history, palaces and museums, parks and tree-lined avenues, waters and hills, ancient shops and historical cafés, long streets with arcades and elegant squares, big events and a lot of little pleasures that make Turin unique since ever.

You will be fascinated by the perfect balance between the rational planimetry of ancient Roman origin, the splendor of the measured Piedmontese baroque and the originality of modern and contemporary art.

Come to Turin, enjoy the city with the skilled conduct of a professional tour guide who will disclose you the hidden aspects making you breathe the soul of countless multiform attractions ... you will discover a city that you did not expect indeed!

Standard services

My tour proposals provide itineraries carefully planned and proved in practice.

Some examples of guided tours:



  • The old Roman city   (duration: about 2 hours walking)
  • The Medieval city   (duration: about 2 hours walking)
  • The Baroque city   (duration: about 2 hours walking)
  • The Risorgimento in Turin   (duration: about 2 hours walking)
  • Art Nouveau (Modern Style) in Turin   (duration: about 2 hours walking)
  • Contemporary art in Turin   (duration: about 3 hours by bus and walking)
  • Religion and spirituality in Turin   (duration: about 2 hours walking)
  • Historical cafés, food and wine in Turin   (duration: about 2 hours walking)
  • Artist's Lights   (from November to January; duration: about 1.5 hours walking)

Customizations available on request

My tour proposals can be suitably combined together to create routes with “half-day”, “full-day” or “multi-days” formula, according to the needs and interests of the participants.

I am always available to arrange alternative and custom tailored proposals, also with excursions out of the city of Turin.

Some examples:

  • Chieri and its surroundings
  • Ivrea and Canavese
  • Susa Valley
  • Olympic Mountains

On request, I will provide assistance to transfer from/to Turin Caselle airport or Turin Porta Nuova and Turin Porta Susa railway stations.

All proposals are applicable, at discounted rates, also to school groups of all levels, for which the customization of the visits will be handled according to the age and educational objective.

Choose only a licensed tour guide

The tour guide is a professional who accompanies individuals or groups of people in visiting the cultural and natural heritage of an area, illustrating the historical, artistic, monumental and natural attractions.

To practise as a tour guide you are required to get a professional qualification, which is achieved by attending a specific qualification course and passing the final exam with a positive outcome in the assessment of the acquired skills, and be enrolled in the provincial lists.

Applying to a licensed tour guide means, therefore, you have a guarantee of competence, trustworthiness and reliability.

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My profile

In addition to the mandatory formal requirements described here on the left, there are values and individual characteristics that distinguish each tour guide from another.

I was born and I still live in Turin, now for half a century. I am an active and involved resident, with a deep knowledge of the many aspects of the city and attentive to all the events that take place in it. An amazing city, which still continues to reveal me something new every day.

So, quite naturally, my love for the city of Turin and its territory has turned into a real tourist profession, where the passion still reigns as my main value.

Dynamism, flexibility and close attention to the customer's satisfaction are my other inspiring values.

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